Diseños de pasteles: ideas y orientación sobre tamaños

Un pastel con un diseño similar al terciopelo es una creación visualmente impresionante que imita la lujosa textura de la tela de terciopelo y da como resultado un pastel que parece estar cubierto por una textura de tela aterciopelada, agregando un toque de elegancia y sofisticación a cualquier ocasión. Es una forma única y creativa de realzar el atractivo estético de un pastel y hacer que se destaque como pieza central de cualquier celebración.


Blossom Delights

A testament to simplicity and elegance, featuring a flawless, smooth buttercream finish that invites a gentle touch. Delicate silk flowers, meticulously placed, add a touch of botanical grace, turning each slice into a floral masterpiece.
Elevate your celebration with the tasteful aesthetics of our Smooth Buttercream Serenity, where every detail is a stroke of floral sophistication.

Available in White or Chocolate Icing. We occasionally change the type of flowers used to decorate, providing more a sense uniqueness to your cake.

Minimalist Velour

Picture layers of sumptuous cake cloaked in a velvety texture that
invites you to savor every moment. The exterior is adorned with a
luxurious velvet-inspired finish, creating a tactile experience that
mirrors the cake's rich flavors. The perfect design for the Modern Minimalist.
Can be adorned with Edible Gold and/or Edible Flowers.

Marble Dream

Not your regular buttercream cake: Embark on a visual feast with our
Marble Buttercream Elegance. The exterior of this cake is a canvas of
refined design, adorned with a luxurious marble-inspired buttercream finish. A dance of contrasting tones swirls gracefully, creating a captivating and sophisticated pattern. The smooth, texture of the buttercream adds a tactile dimension to the visual appeal. This cake isn't just a dessert; it's a work of art that promises a touch of
opulence to your celebration.

Custom Cakes

To place a Custom Cake order, please fill out our Custom Cake Order Form

Please keep in mind that we specialize exclusively in Modern Minimalistic Designs, therefore we may not be able to accommodate other decorative styles. Above are some examples of custom cake designs that fit into our decorative style and skills.

Current Trend We Love: Lambeth Cake Design


Our cakes vary between 3-4 layers cakes with 2 to 3 layers of fillings. Approximately 5 to 8 inches tall. We welcome special requests!

Mini | 4 servings

Perfect for smash cakes or to enjoy with a loved one.

5 in | 6-10 servings

Ideal for intimate gatherings.

6 in | 10-12 servings

Typical for family dinners, birthday celebrations and gatherings.

6 in | 16-18 servings

A taller version of a regular 6in cake if you need extra servings for your family dinners, birthday celebrations and gatherings.

8 in | 24-28 servings

The large-party size. Only available upon request.

10 in | 30-34 servings

The XL-party size. Only available upon request.


Cake Charm & Toppers

At L'Atelier, we believe in the art of cake making as a form of expression and celebration. That's why we've chosen to forego traditional methods of writing directly on our cakes. Instead, we opt for the use of cake charms and toppers to convey messages and themes.

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