A Home-Based Sanctuary

The bakery's name, L'Atelier, pays homage to the artistic spirit that permeates everything we aim to stand for: Art, Taste, Quality.

We are a licensed, home-based bakery where culinary artistry takes center stage, and edible masterpieces are created. From indulgent Artisanal Cakes that are as beautiful as they are delicious, to delicate & classic French desserts that are a feast for the senses, L'Atelier Bakery is a haven for food lovers and connoisseurs alike.

Meet Your Baker

Marie Axelle; Founder & Pastry Chef

"Mind of an Engineer, Heart of an Artist;" Marie's expansive repertoire of interests and hobbies knows no limits, but baking has consistently claimed a prominent place in her heart.

As a child, she always enjoyed watching her Mom make all kind of baked goods that brought comfort and affection to those fortunate to savor them. Baking soon evolved into her source of solace, fostering a deep sense of home and connection to her mother.

Now a self-taught pastry chef with a background in Aerospace Engineering, and even a beloved nanny to some, she embarked on a quest to amalgamate her diverse skills and passions.
Eventually, she discovered that baking provided the perfect platform where her multifaceted abilities, interests, and love for nurturing converged harmoniously.

As an engineer, she applies precision, problem-solving, and analytical skills to develop perfect recipes and techniques resulting in delicious & high-quality desserts. Her nurturing nature, honed through her experience as - first a human being - and a Nanny, infuses her creations with care and warmth, resonating with those who indulge in her baked goods. Her passion for baking then allows her artistic side to flourish, enabling her to innovate and create new flavor combinations and designs.

This combination of technical prowess, creativity, and a nurturing touch found its perfect outlet in the intricate world of baking, leading to the birth of our beloved bakery: L'Atelier.


Organic, High-Quality Desserts

Elevate Your Taste Buds with Exquisite Baked Goods Crafted from the finest ingredients. Beautiful Cakes for every occasion, delicious classic French desserts like our signature Crème Brûlée: what more could you dream of?


Vegan Options

Crafting an inclusive and diverse menu that embraces Vegan options is not merely a culinary choice but a reflection of our commitment to welcoming everyone to the table. We believe that a truly enriching dining experience encompasses a spectrum of dietary preferences and lifestyles. Offering Vegan selections is our way of ensuring that each guest, regardless of their dietary choices, can savor the artistry of our cuisine. It goes beyond catering to a niche; it's about fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated on every plate. A vibrant tapestry of flavors that unites rather than excludes.


Redefined Baking: a Minimalist & Sustainable Approach

At L'Atelier, we hold a deep appreciation for both elegance and sophistication. However, our commitment to sustainability takes precedence. We are dedicated to making conscientious decisions in our packaging selections and our sourcing methods, aiming to minimize environmental impact while upholding a visually attractive and functional design. All of our packaging and items used for cake decorations are either reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

Our mantra: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce.



Slow Living With L'Atelier: A Thoughtful and Intentional Approach to Baking That Extends Beyond the Mere Creation of Delicious Treats

We believe in savoring the simple pleasures of life, and our baked goods are crafted with precision, care, and a dedication to quality ingredients. By embracing the principles of slow living, we prioritize the unhurried enjoyment of each moment, encouraging our customers to pause, appreciate, and connect with the sensory experience of our artisanal creations. Our commitment to using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients not only ensures a smaller ecological footprint but also fosters a connection to the community.

So picture this: a cozy Sunday evening, with L'Atelier's perfect Crème Brûlée taking center stage on your table. You grab a spoon, crack the perfectly caramelized sugar crust and just dive into that velvety goodness. With each silky bite, time seems to slow down, and you're transported into a world of indulgence. It's more than just a dessert—it's a slice of the slow life. With every bite, you're tasting the love and dedication we pour into our baked goods using the finest local ingredients. It's a reminder to hit pause, relish the uncomplicated joys, and savor those sweet moments that make life a little brighter.

That's L'Atelier, where every indulgence is a delicious detour into the relaxed side of living.